extreme difficulty activating cubase

i brought a UR22 today and i cannot activate cubase, i entered my code in “mystienberg” account and got another code to enter into the program which accept it, made me wait for 2 mins, told me it was finished and then asked me to do it again, as if i hadnt just done it, i cannot get another code now? i have to say this is literally the most confusing thing i’ve ever tried to do in my life, this is why people pirate software, i’ve never ever tried to licence legal software in my life before and i will never be doing it again after this, an absolute joke and nobody to email for help, epic, please SEND ME A CODE THAT WILL WORK AND NOT GIVE ME ERRORS OR ASK FOR ELISEENCERSOFTCUBASEAIELEMENTSAVTSCOTIFMAJF this

Hi and welcome,

Here at user forum, no one could send you any code…

The common process is:

  • Enter Download Access Code (you get with your HW) in your MySteinberg Account.
  • Activation Code is generated.
  • Enter Activation Code in eLicenser Control Center application.
  • Download license.