Extreme increase in pitch of sample

I need to simply increase the pitch of a sound effect I am triggering from a sample library in a VSTi via one note on a midi track. This seems like a small request.

I haven’t found an insert effect that will do it (midi transpositions don’t work - they simply select a different note and thus a completely different sample.)

The pitch shift tools available for FX channels can’t do it, either. (It appears that Nuendo’s Pitch Driver would, but I am using Cubase Pro 8.)

Is the only option to render it to an audio sample and process it?

That would be the best way, yes, unless you can transpose that sample in the sampler VSTi itself. Otherwise, the only option would be a pitch-shift plugin (e.g. the built-in Pitch Correct VST3 plugin), but, unless you want to transpose that entire VSTi channel, you’d have to automate it so that it only affected that one-time event.

Thanks Vic, and actually it’s possible to send to the FX Channel the signal from only one of the patches in the VSTi I am using (EWQL PLAY) by configuring its output channels and choosing just that output pair to send to the FX channel. I didn’t think the Pitch Correct would work on the raspy sound I am using (It’s a string squeak on a guitar and I need it to sound like one on a violin) and I was pretty much right. But it helped a small bit and I got away with it by adding some aggressive EQ as well. What’s good about the arrangement as oopposed to rendering it out is that it still allows me to edit the cues in their modified form.