Extreme Slow opening of the "Pattern Library"


If I open the “Pattern Library” in Groove Agent I’ll have to wait 22 seconds before anything happens.
When i move my pointer during this waiting i’ll have to click and wait again.

I can improve the opening speed by removing my midi loops form “\Documents\Steinberg\Groove Agent Common\GA Sub Presets\MIDI Files\User”, But this is the content so there is no use opening the “Pattern Library”


It could be more problems. Is it only, when you open the Pattern Library, that it is sluggish, or if GA sluggish in general to use?

Please check, that you don’t have any resource hungry virus killer software running in the background. In that case, you could try to disable the virus killer, and see if it help. In general, make sure you don’t have any background monitoring software installed, that could drain your computer from resources.

Personally, I’ve had some strange things happening to me, that point in the same “sluggish” direction as your problem. In my case, I had bad sectors on my hardware, which resulted in very slow reading times on the harddisk. But also check you ASIO VST disk meter, to see if it peaks slowly when you access the library.


Thnx SLL,

I’ve Tried the whole, but i think I’ve gotta keep the amount of MIDI files in my user directory relatively low,
above 10000 it’s getting slow