extremely bad GUI styling changes

I have recently updated my Nuendo and Cubase licenses to the latest versions and would like to point out some concerns.

I have been professional using Nuendo since before ver 2 and am glad to see that you have implemented editing features and support that have been only
possible in a crude way since version 2. That along with the improved export options and fixing the bugs with running those old Cube tech rebadged plug-ins have added things I have been wishing
for and working around since way back. Bravo, in that sense this is probably the strongest version yet, taken in context.

The major problems seems to be the GUI styling. It is surprising that it bothers me so bad since I really don’t care how it looks ,but some of the esthetic changes are SO bad that they infringe on the
functionality of the program, mainly the editing of audio events.

I would comment and HIGHLY suggest the ability to give the option in the preference menu to go back to the audio event display characteristics of Nuendo and Cubase 4.
So that you namely have the the ability in BOTH programs to:

  1. Have solid black wave forms on audio events

  2. outline audio events red upon selection. ( NOT invert to negative image; who ever thought of that must have been smoking crack)

  3. the ability to have solid colored event backgrounds

  4. THE MOST IMPORTANT… NO CROSS-HATCHING ON AUDIO EVENT OVER-LAPPING!!! This is the single worst idea of any DAW, any version. I would rather throw myself in a river with a couple of 192’s strapped to my ankles then stare at what can only be described as a “construction zone malfunction” for hours on end. I can not adequately describe how terribly cluttering and non-funtional this is…

    I say this adamantly.

Really pleased to see these comments here - when I first encountered them in Cubase 6 I had all the same feelings about them - still do, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed with N4.3

Surprisingly though there is quite groundswell on the C6 forum of folks who LIKE the new GUI design (i mean the design, not the GUI functionality, which is another matter).

I absolutely can’t work with the multiple shades of black which come with C6 - BLACK for selected, then various shades of grey for muted and so on. Really very difficult. And the cross-hatching… ugh.

I really don’t want to be negative, I love lots of things about the latest versions, but this issue is just horrible.

  • 1 !!
    …and I still hate the transport bar. What a super ugly and cluttered thing this is .
    Not to mention that military green standard color…aweful !!

Just stepping over that thread… because of beeing frustrated about things like these I am not that often over here anymore.

I do agree 1000 times!! Exactly like you wrote it. Most important thing is the cross-hatching thing.

Fortunatelly N5.5 has not that crappy negative-invertion of the events… puhh…

And I want the solid black wave form back as well. Hey, this is not black - its gray.

I am surprised that I only read in the Nuendo Forum about these issues. After C6 came out I posted about things like that over at the Cubase forum (as well as about the “on top” behavior) but there no one seems to care. I am glad that at least over here folks are looking at this exactly like I do. Maybe because people over here are actually WORKING in Nuendo instead of just doing some homerecording things.

It’s easy enough to get N5 & 5.5 with solid black waveforms, but it’s totally impossible to lose that awful “inverted” effect on selected events in C6 for certain!
I much prefer the red outline in Nuendo as well - it is easy to see what is selected (the track controls light up for starters) and the inverted look of C6 gives me a headache.

I don’t see what this has to do with N5.5 though…

The cross hatching is so bad, I have changed my whole workflow so I work with replace on the record settings, and delete overlaps on in editing prefs. I switch over these prefs for recording multi takes on multitrack drums and that is all…

the situation sucks, the grouping is great - but the lanes should work more like PT, have a KC for ‘punch’ selection to comp, not just click to activate etc…

The cross-hatching is a complete nightmare, to the point where i lose my workflow so I dont have to deal with that visiual sh*t fight…

Hope this gets sorted out…

Here is my outing:
I like the most of the N5.5 GUI very much! I like the new font, the serious dark looking and the option to manipulate colors in preferences (I made the project window even darker, so it’s better for my eyes). And I like, that we don’t have to argue with this consumer toony look of cubase or other DAWs. I also like the transport.

There are at least three things I dislike very much:
a) this overlapping cross hatching is terrible!
b) the midi editor (piano roll) is awful. I would prefer more contrast and please(!!): dark lines for black keys and light lines for white keys! Like in older versions…
c) kick out this little handle dots on the advanced Mixer EQ View! Nobody wants to make settings in this tiny window on top. It should be an overview. Not more.