Extremely long save times with Eastwest Hollywood orchestral project

I have this project that takes absolute ages to save, so much so that my creativity is being killed every time it auto-saves. We’re talking minutes rather than seconds.
The project features basically a full orchestra with EastWest Play (one instance per instrument with multiple articulations), as well as expression maps for most instruments. 44 instrument tracks, a handful of folder tracks, audio tracks and effects tracks.

It is also relatively long, but not extremely, as I use it as an idea generator for multiple classical-ish film pieces, so I don’t have to wait for the project to load.
The file size is not enormously huge - the .cpr is around 35 mb.

I have a powerful, new computer, with an SSD for the samples (but not for the .cpr’s).
I have just updated to Cubase 11, and this problem persists.

Can anything be done? Is it the number of instances of PLAY? The expression maps?


I have now upgraded the whole orchestral project to the new Eastwest Opus plug, and the save times are as bad as before, if not worse. The project size is now 42 mb, but should that really take minutes to save?

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I would do some more in depth troubleshooting, like creating a new empty project, and then one by one ‘Import Track To Project’ from the template you are using, and saving after each import to see what is causing significant increase in time to save.

I would prioritize the tracks, and disable any tracks you don’t immediately always need.

I am in the process of doing troubleshooting.
Disabling tracks obviously means less CPU and RAM usage, but I don’t think it reduces cpr file size. Anyway, peopole work with far bigger projects than this, and being forced to do nothing for about a minutet time and time and time again is torture and kills creativity and productivity.

Besides, sometimes, you need a full orchestra’s worth of tracks. Do I then have a choice between killing creativity every x minutes and risking several hours’s worth of creative work down the drain in case of a program failure? I don’t really understand how Cubase needs 40+ seconds to write a 41 mb .cpr-file?

Feature request: auto-save in the background: NOT by freezing the whole of Cubase with an hourglass while the save is going on.

My biggest template is 56mb and only takes 5-10 seconds to save. That being said, there’s no audio events/files or MIDI.

I don’t think it’s the size of the project so much as it is the amount of variables and parameters that have to be scanned - and Cubase is a significantly bigger program at the base level than other DAWs.

Too be honest, with my bigger projects, I turned Auto-Save off and wired myself to be the auto-save, and I just ‘Save New Version’ religiously… Pretty much every time I make a sequence of changes, or after recording. This prevents auto-save from happening at an inconvenient time, and I think has also stabilized the program for me, less crashes.

One test I would try doing as part of your trouble shooting, is doing a ‘Back up Project’ and ‘Removing Unused Media’. Maybe the amount of scrap files you have in the pool is increasing save time?

What you are experiencing is not a bug, no need to troubleshoot.
Large orchestral libraries are just not directly usable in Cubase.
Consider these three letters: VEP

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on the bright side, taking a moment to stretch and relax your ears, grab a glass water or stick your head out a window… goes a long way to improving your overall productivity.

The same problem for me, Hollywood is an AUTOSAVE killer

It seems that they are not willing to face this problem

I’m still being driven very periodically crazy by the 1- minute pause when I’m in the midle of something…:frowning: