Extremely long save times with Eastwest Hollywood orchestral project

I have this project that takes absolute ages to save, so much so that my creativity is being killed every time it auto-saves. We’re talking minutes rather than seconds.
The project features basically a full orchestra with EastWest Play (one instance per instrument with multiple articulations), as well as expression maps for most instruments. 44 instrument tracks, a handful of folder tracks, audio tracks and effects tracks.

It is also relatively long, but not extremely, as I use it as an idea generator for multiple classical-ish film pieces, so I don’t have to wait for the project to load.
The file size is not enormously huge - the .cpr is around 35 mb.

I have a powerful, new computer, with an SSD for the samples (but not for the .cpr’s).
I have just updated to Cubase 11, and this problem persists.

Can anything be done? Is it the number of instances of PLAY? The expression maps?