Extremely slow performance with multiple automation and mixer window open

Hi guys,

I’m having a HUGE performance problem when using multiple automation and showing the Mixer Window.
I use 3 monitors and I’m always with my mixer opened, so, it’s always a problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Lowerzone Mixer or any other Mix Console

I’m mixing a small project here… around 25 tracks and I made a VCA to automate 24 of them (one is a voice over) and suddenly, when I automate the VCA, cubase slows down that make it impossible to work. Everytime the faders are moving the application almost freezes. It’s a similar problem that we had in cubase 9.0 (i think) when zooming on the project window. Now the problem is on the mixer window.

It’s not a VCA problem, if I select all the channels and link them and start moving (while playing) I have the same behavior. The more channels I select, the slower cubase gets… With 3 or 4 channels it’s still workable, but if you select 20 channels and move them, the application slows down.
Even my X-Touch + Extender have this slow performance on faders (which means that cubase is sending the information to the controller in a slower frequency… I see the faders “jumping”).

If I hide the mixer, everything works well. Even the X-touch faders became smooth again.
I tried the same exact project on Cubase 9.5 and it’s smooth.
It’s a very light session. To make a test, i removed ALL plugins, All sends. So it’s just raw wave files being played and I still had the problem.

I made this video to show the problem. Watch the VCA automation line… everytime it moves, you will see the Cubase 10 mixer slowing down the entire cubase. While the 9.5 mixer is smooth

Anyone able to reproduce this bug ?? Remember that the project has to be playing.

I’m on Cubase 10.0.10 macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

Still the same thing on 10.0.15 … anyone having this problem ??