Ez drummer midi use without ezdrummer


I’m a bit of a beginner, I bought an ez drummer midi drum pack, which is a bunch of beats and grooves fills ect in a particular style, I dont however wish to buy ez drummer, but i do wish to use the midi grooves in my songs. As far as ive worked out, one way to do this is by adding an instrument track groove agent for instance, choosing a kit then drag and drop the midi drum files from file explorer into the track in cubase, now thats fine, but is there an easier way to browse my midi drum files in cubase to save me having to open file explorer, then auditioning the groove then dragging and dropping into cubase, would be good to import all drum midi and view them in sections list style, so i could quickly audition the groove. I know you cna do this with ez drummer but i dont wish to spend half the cost of my daw on a drum program.
any expertise / thoughts much appreciated
thank you


You can browse them via MediaBay.