EZ drummer won't show in VST instruments

Ok, the bottom line is that I’m an absolutely newbie in this computer music world (and therefore I’m sadly experienced way too many problems reg. various things concerning cubase, which totally destroys my motivation for trying this), but I’ve read a lot of comments on this matter and still haven’t found MY solution :frowning:

I have Cubase 6 32bit (actually also installed 64bit, but don’t use it for other Cubase related problems), running Win7 64 bit OS and just bought EZ drummer.

I installed the updated EZ drummer exe-file, after that the 32bit update (AND 64 bit update just in case) for EZ Drummer, have located the EZD dll files, put them in the hopefully correct folder (VSTplugins), but I still can’t find EX drummer from my VST instruments window…

What could it be? Any ideas?

Exact path of vstplugins folder? It shouldn’t be in the Cubase folder inside the Steinberg Program folder. You can put it any other place as long as you point to that location via Plugin Info-VST2.x Paths and re-start Cubase.

Well, the standard plugins are located in the same folder:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6\VSTPlugins (that’s for the 32bit version of cubase) - so that’s where I put the EZD dll file.

Where’s the plugin info path located? Somewhere in the main win7 path finder directories (I’ve just searched the cubase directory with no luck)? Or in the cubase program itself?

(Btw. only have VST3, no VST2.something)

Sorry if I sound ignorant at some point, but this is as stated earlier a whole new world to me.

Wrong directory, see above. Plugin Info is under Devices.

Thanks man, that helped - for some odd reason :question: :smiley: