EZDrummer 2 Midi File Playback Issue

When building up drum tracks in CP9 I get a strange issue adding fills to files already in the project.
I drop the fill at the end of the file and visually I see it’s there as it has a bit of a cross hatch like pattern to it.
On playback though when it hits the fill it sounds odd…phases even…like it’s trying to deal with both files at once.
New to Cubase so Im assuming operator error here :wink: any thoughts would be appreciated.

click on the “show lanes” icon…that cross hatching means that there are clips stacked on top of each other…

Will take a look at that…thanks!!
I’m trying to figure out my “best practices” for using Cubase.
In PT I could just drop the fill file onto the existing file in the timeline and it played perfectly…just playing what ever is on top I guess.
Cubase maybe works differently?
I’m a mididiot :slight_smile:

Cubase allow overlap of midi - but not on audio.
A bit strange if you get overlap indication and drop at end of file, as you put it - something is there already it seems and could explain why unexpected results.

If you still have a problem after testing lanes, you can bounce midi stuff together and get a clear view what happends in editor.
Midi monitor insert plugin is also good use for this. Just play back part of strange result and have a look and trace where offending stuff is coming from.

Thanks guys!!!

When dragging those midi clips into your track this will sometimes happen if your “snap” type is not set properly or if you are not at a zoom level large enough to see where the files are being snapped to…

It depends on your workflow but, generally, speaking you are placing the midi files to snap to the grid. I usually set my snap type to “Grid + Events + Cursor” and zoom in a bit so I can see where the dragged midi files are snapping to.

Also, remember… you probably need to trim the “verse” (as an example) midi file a bit so that the “fill” file will fit to the grid. If you don’t do that, in order to keep the timing, you may get overlapping files that will sound like you describe.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock…will check that out…I had been doing some on and off with the snap!

Tried everyone’s suggestions and to no avail.
It’s still trying to play the “dropped on” fill and the existing event.
The fill is 2 bars and if I trim out the 2 bars and place the fill in it plays right and locks to the grid perfectly…just can’t seem to drop it “on” the existing file like I can in other DAWs.
I’m sure I’m just missing a setting somewhere being new to Cubase .
Still open to any suggestions from the pro’s :slight_smile:

Does your fill supposed to come after the existing event?

An example of how I do it is to drop in a 2 bar long “verse” file. Duplicate as necessary. Then where I want to add a half bar long “fill”, I split off the the end of the verse file (using the scissors tool) the half bar length. Trash it, and drag the half bar long fill to take it’s place. Now there is no overlap.

When you don’t trim off the verse file and place the fill file over it, both will play. Inevitably the midi notes on top of the other will not be lined up and you will hear some phasing, extra loudness, etc (as you described).

There is a preference to “Delete Overlaps” in the Preferences>Editing menu. I have not tried that. For me I don’t want that behavior but, for you, it might make this work better. Give it a try and see.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks again Prock…
I can do it the way you suggest and works fine…everything lines up.
I could drag a fill in Pro Tools and just drop it on and it would just become part of the existing file and playback seemlessly.
Being able to do that was great for experimenting with different length fills etc…on the fly in real time.
Was just hoping to keep that same experimental workflow in Cubase.