EZdrummer 2 sounds different in Cubase

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Wasn’t sure if I should put this here or in VST subjects, but decided here.

I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue but when I import drum files into Cubase from EZdrummer 2, they sound diffenent! Cubase seems to playback the drums more tinnier, lots of treble and shallow. If I then open up the EZD and play the track from there,it sounds fine. Any ideas? Now, I’m still learning about VST stuff so I might be missing something obvious. It is even worse if I import the EZD files as an audio track.


I’m not having any issues like you describe. So a few thoughts…

  • Is this happening on every project?
  • Are these projects started from a template that might have a VST, or EQ settings already assigned to these tracks or the main stereo out channel?

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Gday Prock.

Yes, It is happening on all the projects so far (which is only 3, new purchase). I am 99.8% sure that there are no effects on the stereo out channel or the tracks themselves as one of the projects is a new template, so starting fresh. The others though I will check for any EQ as I said 99.8% sure. One project I exported the EZD drums to 8 different audio tracks in Cubase and that is where I really notice the difference. I dragged and dropped the EZD MIDI file into a instrument track and that sounded a bit off…but the 8 audio tracks… yuuuck! Just crap!

Cheers for the reply mate.

I never used EZD2 on a audio track so I can’t comment on that. I always drag into a instrument track, do my editing, then when satisfied, render in place to audio. Hopefully you will find an EQ or something loaded on an I/O. Also… is it possible that you have something loaded in your audio interface mixer that may be getting in the chain?

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G’day Prock.

You know how I said 99.8% sure, well the other .2% was coz I for got about a little EQ I had done way earlier (as you said) so sorry for that and thanks heaps! Just needed someone to remind me of the simple things( I over think things sometimes) just a question to you or anyone, when you are editing your MIDI EZD track in cubase, are you editing each individual drum or just the whole track as one? I mean how are you putting on comp, EQ, etc. on individual drum sounds if it is just a MIDI track? Again, might be a stupid question but still very much learning. Appreciate your time.


Hi axematt… glad you have it sorted. :wink:

There will be a lot of different opinions about your drum editing question. For me, my method varies widely as it depends on the song and how I hear it. So there is no one answer I can give.

Meaning I’ve used EZD “straight out the box”. Extracting all on one instrument track (adding a symbol or crash here and there) or, to the full boat, having EZD extract all instruments to there own track where I then adjust volume and expression levels, add EQ, etc. to instruments as I see fit.

The only thing that is fairly constant for me is that I always extract a portion of the drums to a single track then listen numerous time to that portion to hear if I need to extract to multi out. Also, I rarely use the CB mediabay for my projects as most of then now are typically between 20/25 tracks. So I insert all of my VSTs through the track inspector.

Good luck and have fun. :slight_smile:

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