ezDrummer 2 / VST issue


I’m a complete newbie to recording software and just installed cubase elements 7, as well as ezDrummer 2. EzDrummer 2 is not coming in my VST instruments, as an option. Please assist.

64 bit install for both

Make sure the “ezdrummer.dll” file is installed in the “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins” folder (of course “C” could be whatever you have the drive labeled). If it is not, then paste a copy of it there. Then check to ensure it is showing up in Cubase by going to “Devices”>“Plug-in Manager” then clicking on the “VST Instruments” tab to see if it is in the list of VST Instruments. If CB was already started you will have to hit the refresh button that is on the VST Instrument page.

Also remember that VST-Instruments and Effects may only show in the project view list (I’m not talking about the aforementioned “Plug-in Manager” list) if you have an open project and you are working on a “instrument” track or “midi” track.

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worked. Thank you so much!

Glad to help.

Now go have fun making music. :wink:

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I’m having the same problem with cubase ai 7, and ezdrummer 2 I’ve tried all the things you’ve mentioned in this post and I’m not having any luck. Still doesn’t show up in my vst instruments list.

You need to be a little more specific about your issue and system specs before I can try to assist further but…

Generally speaking though… if both programs are set to run as admin and the EZD2 .dll file is located in the correct folder, and you either restarted CB or hit the update button under “devices>plug-in information” after ensuring the .dll file is in the correct folder, it should be showing and working properly.

BTW… if still not working after installing to the aforementioned folder try installing the ezdrummer.dll file to the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\VSTPlugins folder. Not sure exactly what the folder would be for a 32 bit CB install is but I will guess it might be the C:\Program Files (x86)(same as above) folder.

Also remember that EZD2 is a VST-Instrument and will only show up in an active project on an “instrument track” or “midi track”.

Regardless, that’s why listing your system specs is important when requesting assist (so I/we don’t have to guess). :wink:

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I had this problem in Nuendo. Tried everything after ezdrummer suddenly vanished after some updates, incl all the tips in this tread. Even reinstalled ezdrummer, but no luck. The absolutely last thing I tried - was to copy the ezdrummer.dll file into the folder that contains the incl synths in Nuendo. Hey presto - it worked! (but you must close/open Nuendo/Cubase after the procedure - ezdrummer did not show up in the VST-list before you reboot the program after updating the VST-list). One other thing that may be the problem for you my reader, is to be sure that you use correct 32 or 64 bit version of ezdrummer for your DAW. My Nuendo is 32 bit, and I have had some trouble with this before. The ezdrummer.dll file was in the correct folder, but it was the 64 bit version, and I could not get it to work. I have now bought Cubase (Nov 2016) - and everything will be installed default as per the instalation wizzard instructions. I have had many an hour with trouble getting my Nuendo versions to work after not letting the instalation wizzard do the job. When you do not have the right skills with the PC, it is best to do as little as possible with custom instalations and such.

I have a Mac (O.S. 10.9.5), Cubase I installed EZdrummer2 (v: 2.1.4).
I can play de EZ standalone with no problem but the vst instrument doesn’t appear in my Cubase.
The ezdrummer.vst is in the appropiate plug-ins folder.
Is it there anything I can do?

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My quick thought is that you make sure that you have Cubase and EZD2 (stand alone) set to “Run As Administrator”.

Did you install a 64 bit EZD2 to use with a 32 bit CB install? That might cause issues.

Also… have you looked in all of the VST subfolders (like Delay, Distortion, etc). Maybe EZD2 was installed to one of them.

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