EZDrummer and Cubase 6 VST instruments

I had cubase essential 5 no problem with EZDrummer showing up in vst instruments but in cubase 6 64 bit window’s 7 it cant be found so I open ezd outside of cubas 6 on my desktop and it wont let me hear any auditions its like cubase 6 is rejecting ezd all together, any body know how I can use ezd inside cubase 6 vst instruments ezdrummer toontracks forum is no help at all thanks

Have you updated EZ Drummer to the newest 64bit version?

Yes I’ve done every thing I can think of the only thing I haven’t done is Un Instll and re install but I have done repair install and thank you for getting back to me so quick never expected this fast a response

EZ Drummer is not by default place in the Steinberg VST plugins folder… You have to add the path C:/Program Files/VST Plugins/Toontrack to your plug in path in plug in information in devices…Hope that helps

Or copy the dll from that folder to the 64 bit plug-in folder…either way.

its in there!! I have tried this before and Maybe didn’t do it rite I went to C:/Program Files/VST that pulled up
Vstplugins folder I opened it and the toontracks folder appeared I opened the toontracks folder and the 64 bit file folder appeared opened that and ezdrummer.dill application created at 1:54 am appeared when I rite click on that the dropdown box open’s and ask’s what program would I like to use to open this file and cubase dose not appeare in this list so I browse and cant seem to go any further and thanks again seem to me your obn the rite track to getting me to where I need to be Thank you…

When you go to devices in Cubase and open plug in info is Toontrack EZ drummer listed in there?

I got it thank you for your help CWS its working fine I went to ezdrummer portal and found out that the 64 bit system has the dill file in program file’s X86 folder I was putting in the regular program folder… that was the problem thank you for trying!!! your a cool person thank you CWS