EZDrummer and CubaseSL - volume changes

So I’ve gone back to my trusty CubaseSL for my latest project. A few years back I was running it very successfully with Steinberg Grand and Spectrasonics Atmosphere - including exporting to wav files. So, emboldened, I installed EZDrummer this month. With the assistance of these forums, I developed a workaround to the drag and drop problem of CubaseSL - I drag the groove to my desktop and then File/Import the groove into my Cubase project. Takes a little longer - but works.

My problem now is that the EZD does not respond to the volume automation lane. The horizontal blue indicator currently at 24 (in the screenshot) moves to the right when more volume is called for. And the vertical indicator changes from green to yellow to red as more volume is called for. But the EZD stays constantly loud.

I switched the VST instrument to The Grand - it responds to volume changes. I switched the VST instrument to Atmosphere - it also responds to volume changes. I tried the Cubase bundled drummmer - LM7 - and it also responds to volume changes.

Of course when I talk to Toontrack they tell me to contact Cubase.

I know I’m using an old version of Cubase but any thoughts would be appreciated. I suppose I could export the EZD midi file to audio and then apply volume changes to the resulting audio track and then export that audio track to another audio track???


And this is a screenshot taken as the project was playing in CubaseSL. Note that the Master mixer level on the far left is all the way down. And the Channel 1 mixer level (with the EZDrummer track) is way up - even though the volume should be 24.

OK - so I solved the immediate problem by adding a Master Mixer Volume automation lane (see screenshot - ezd4). While this is not a perfect solution - in that it controls ALL channels - it gets me going forward again. Thanks for listening!