ezdrummer drum loops won't drag and drop into cubase

I recently had to wipe my harddrive and reinstall everything. Everything works fine except ezdrummer won’t let me import drum loops into cubase by dragging and dropping them. Any suggestions? I’m using Cubase Elements 6 and before I wiped my harddrive I never had this problem with ezdrummer.

Mac/PC/Cubase version/32 or 64 bit/any error message/what happens, just nothing?

Gotta have some details.

Sometimes with EZ Drummer you have to go to preferences/ Midi/Midi File and uncheck the auto dissolve format 0 box…

fizbin: I’m on a PC, using Cubase Elements 6, 64 bit, windows 7. No error message occurs, just when I try to drag the grooves into cubase from the vst it doesn’t drop them in, nothing happens. However, I can drag the grooves in from the ezdrummer folder in cubase, its just a huge pain because I have to find the exact groove I was listening to in the ezdrummer vst.

CWS: changing the preferences didn’t work, it still won’t let me drag and drop files into cubase from the ez drummer vst

You may want to send a support note to Toontrack. I have in the past and they respond quickly…Good luck and I hope you can resolve your problem…

I figured it out. You have to run cubase as administrator, I forgot that I was doing that before the reinstall of windows. Thanks everybody for the help.