EZdrummer+Elements 8 problem

using on windows 8.1, i install EZ drummer but it doesnt show up in my VST instruments.
anyone else have this problem??

Is the ezdrummer.dll file located in the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTplugins folder? If not, copy it to that location.

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I shall check. i remember moving a file into the VST folder. maybe the wrong one though. heh.

thanks :slight_smile:

well, the file is in the said location. but still nothing :frowning:

infact. all good ive sorted it out


Please post your solution as it may help others with a similar problem.


having the same issue what was the resolution?

I simply moved to EZdrummer.dll file as stated in the 2nd post from the toontrack folder C:\Program Filesx86\ToonTrack to the cubase Elements 8 Vst Plugin folder and then into the Ezdrummer subfolder. that worked for me. Hope it does for you too.


This is a “normal” problem on a PC. There are 3 different VST folders. The automatic installation does not necessarily place the .dll in the right VST folder and must be manually moved. Within each folder there are subfolders too. Sometimes the .dll needs to be moved in or out of the subfolder. Over the years I have found no logic in this system and ended up on moving the .dll around until the right place is found. I have never ended up in the situation where I have found “no right place” for the .dll, however the .dll is sometimes too old for the OS or the Cubase version and won’t show for that reason. You then need to download a newer version, if available.

On a mac there is no problem with different vst folders, but a vst placed in a subfolder can still be an obstacle when upgrading as the system refuses to upgrade a vst placed in a subfolder, thus you still have the old version after upgrading. Moving the vst out of the subfolder, or deleting the subfolder, is commonly a solution.