Ezdrummer multiple tracks?


First time posting here. So… I´ve recorded a drumtrack for a song with my Alesis DM-10 kit + Ezdrummer on a instrument track. Is there anyway to split that track in to multiple Cubase tracks so I can tweak them individually? Thanks!

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Ezdrummer should separate the instuments as you want. Here is the procedure for EZD2. Not sure which version you have but the procedure might be similar for EZD1…

Working on an “Instrument” track:

  • Open your EZD2 and go to the “mixer” tab.
  • There, you can choose where each instrument channel will appear in Cubase
  • Choose the dropdown on the 1st channel (the one on the left) and choose “multichannel”. That will assign a separate track to each percussion instrument.

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Hi Prock,
Thanks for the answer, sorry for not replying… :blush:
I have tried this, but I only get multiple outputs in the mixer. I know that you can tweak the individual output from the mixer, but I would really like to have every drum channel as a instrument track. Maybe that is not possible in Cubase 8 Artist version?

Also, in the mix console the dB meter numbers don´t show next to the fader. Is there a way to make them visible?

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If the mixconsole is showing an output then a instrument track should be showing in the project window. The tracks are probably hidden. There is a setting for that (not sure where in CB 8 Artist) and a setting that allows the mixer and project pages to be sync’d.

Hopefully someone running your version of CB will chime in with more specific assist. Good luck.

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With regards to the dB numbers you need to make the channels wider (h)
Confused with the rest.
Do you want separate midi recordings for each drum or just an audio slider