EZdrummer upgrade to ver 2

Hi, anyone else trying to download the new ezdrummer? on my account page it says available 6th May 2014 but when I go to toontracks new page it says “one day left”
am I missing something? (more than likely) or are they in a different time zone or what?

regards to everyone :slight_smile: Kevin

edit…ok so it’s available now…seems that when a software company says “available on such and such a day” they don’t appear to include the morning of that certain day…

alls well that ends well…

Just downloaded it today. Pretty cool program. One thing I don’t like is you can no longer save a kit you made as a vst preset. E-mailed Toontrack and they verified this option does not work in Cubase. It worked in the original EZ Drummer :frowning:

lol http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=58647

Kevin I can’t quite figure out why you’re upgrading; I thought Jamstix was going good for you…?


Would you guys be so kind to tell me how many GBs will the upgrade take once installed?

You need 4GB of free space.


Hi Blake
I use the Jamstix brain to trigger various drum kits because although the brain itself is fantabidoso (fantastic for song building) the kits from SSD and ezdrummer are better and having dowloaded the ver 2 of ez I can tell you it’s mega!!!

cheers, Kevin

How do you find the default kit of EZD 2 compares to Superior 2.0 library?

It compares extremely favorably…I can’t spot the difference really!! knowing what I know now I would not have bought Superior drummer…damn!!!
exdrummer 2 has a whole lot of presets for various genre’s (much like SD)so a lot less eq"ing and what not to do…and I’ve always found ez easier :laughing: to use…


Interesting. I did a quick render of the 85BPM swing MIDI file that came as a demo with EZDrummer.

For those interested: https://www.dropbox.com/s/07p2oa6y6b6lhos/Superior%20Drummer%202.0%20(Steven%20Slate%20Fat%20Rock%20preset).zip

One file is Superior Drummer loaded with one of my favorite Steven Slate Presets then the other is default EZDrummer (there are no presets of course). Everything is unprocessed.

Perhaps you want to render the same MIDI file with a preset from EZD 2?

I’ll have a go but this is complicated stuff for me…give an hour or so

removed the post from soundcloud…running out of space…

Wow very impressive. No brainer it beats the old kit, and gives a close fight to Superior. Quite disturbing the more I think about it.

Thanks for posting that up.

Thanks Mauri!
Last question: do you know if it is possible to install the library on an external hard drive? It’s possible with superior but it wasn’t with EZ Drummer

Here is an article talking about how to move the files. I followed the instructions and it worked perfect. The only incorrect part of the instruction was if you upgrade from EZ Drummer 1 to 2 the files are not located at: C:/ProgramFiles/Toontrack/EZDrummer They are at: C:/ProgramFiles(X86)/Toontrack/EZDrummer…


Hey guys,

I did a couple of promo videos for Toontrack for the EZdrummer 2:


And a four-part tutorial series teaching how to use it:

Of course it’s all done inside Cubase! :smiley: Hope you enjoy!

it also has a lot of pre set kits…for me it wipes SD out…I will not be using SD again… who wants to move mic’s around anyway?

I’m thinking about upgrading too.
Thanks for the info everyone! :slight_smile:


If you need any more info wim just pm me, I’ll be happy to help…Kevin

The upgrade was easy and is working flawlessly. I really like the presets they added that you can choose to make a subtle change to the sound of a particular groove. That’s cool and will save me some time adding effects (like a reverb/echo, etc.) to some drum tracks. Definitely worth the upgrade price from the original version. :slight_smile:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks CWS.

I’m on Mac, but very helpful. First I moved the EZ1 library, then I bought the upgrade, than I installed it. The cool thing is that, since I moved the EZ1 first, EZ2 went in place (external HD) right away, I had anything to do. :slight_smile:

Superior doesn’t see the EZ2 library yet, but, from what I read on the toontrack forum, there will be soon an update, hopefully.

Anyway, the basic modern kit is very good, I lake it very much.