ezdrummer2 with cubase artist 8

hello, ive recently bought cubase artist 8 and ezdrummer2, its my first time using either program and i cant figure out how to open ezdrummer in cubase. Ive tried following some methods that were posted online with no luck. any help on this would be much appreciated.

Hit F11 on your keyboard to bring up the Instruments Panel. Click into one of the empty slots. You will be presented with a dialog showing all of the installed VST instruments in your system. Ez drummer should be listed there to click on and open

If the F11 shortcut does not work for you then use the inspector to assign and open EZD2 as follows…

  • Open a project that has an “Instrument Track” on it. If there is no instrument track, create one by right clicking in an existing tracks name area and choose add>instrument.
  • From the inspector (if the inspector is not open click on the “Set up Windows Layout” button that is at the top left of the project window (the button has 3 rectangles on it) and click on "Inspector) click on the track number to drop down the Input/VST Instrument assignment menu.
  • On the input routing, choose “All midi inputs”
  • On the instrument, choose ezdrummer. If EZD does show up in the list of available VST Instruments please report back as you probably do not have the ezdrummer.dll file installed/located in the corrected foler
  • Open EZD2 by pressing the “Edit instrument” button that is just below the instrument assignment area.

That’s it… now have fun using it. Please let us know if this worked. EZD2 is very easy to use once you get a handle on where and what you are doing. Of course Cubase is just a little (yeah right) more involved.

Good luck :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

bit of a late reply but thanks it worked:)