F-Keys beyond 19?

Currently, Cubase can recognize up to F19and that’s just lovely. Would it be awfully difficult to make the program aware of more F keys, say up to F24 or F29?

It would be a great facility for those tablet-remote apps like Touch Portal, Metagrid, etc…

That would be great.



I think I have 2 or 3 open keybinds left

Actually though, there are dozens of keys available for use in external macro programs, Cubase will accept most any Unicode character.

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Interesting thought

Curios if a Windows script could be made to quickly change Keyboard key codes to other symbols? Perhaps AHK could do this.

Also thought maybe there’s an OS script level way of changing the current Cubase keycommand XML to different variants as if one were changing presets.

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I have an AHK script to change presets on the fly. It presses shift F12 (keycommands), then it clicks on the presets dropdown (relative to the window so I don’t resize it EVER), and then it sends the first letter or number of the preset (e.g. 3 for preset 3scoring), and then presses enter.

This happens real quick, but the key commands window finds the time to draw itself even by a little bit, so what you see is a flicker on screen. After many uses it gets tiring for the eyes.

But, the point is, I’d like to have some functions available in Cubase itself, sure it can’t be “healthy” to be running Touch portal, multiple ahk scripts and bome midi translator on the background all the time? It is asking for trouble.

Now that’s interesting… I’ve got to try this!