F/R: Extract Audio (AAC) From Video

Maybe this is not doable for some ‘licensing’ reason, but it would be stellar if one could import the audio from video files (FLV, MP4, AVI).

People send me temp score ideas all the time as MP4s and what I’d like to be able to do is import the audio portions into a montage and then place -my- bits as I compose.

I do this now, but it’s a multi-step process using Adobe Premiere or VLC. It would be nice to cut out the middle-man.




I can’t find it mentioned in the documentation but Wavelab 8.5/32 bit/Win7 can extract the audio track of some video files. It’s worked for me on a Windows WMV video file and an .m4v file. I haven’t tested the quality or stability of this method (i.e. it’s an undocumented feature so might not behave as expected) but it does work. Doesn’t edit the video at the same time though! Just try opening the video file in WL and see what happens.

For the task you’re describing I use an custom ffmpeg script placed in the Windows “send to” folder. This work brilliantly, as I can right click and instantly strip the audio off most video files.



Thanks for the info. I’m actually on WL7. I’d upgrade in a heartbeat but for your note that this is still an ‘undocumented’ feature. I sure hope it’s fully out front for WL9!

Would you be willing to send me a copy of your “custom ffmpeg script”… maybe via PM?