F11 Does not bring up VST Instruments Rack


I just got Cubase Version 7.0.1. I am running a Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion OS.

When I am in Cubase and I push “F11” it does not bring up the VST Instrument rack. It instead minimizes Cubase and shows my desktop. When I push “F11” again it brings Cubase back in view. I went into File/Key commands and reset them all to default and I still have the same problem.

Any ideas?


Not at my computer but I’m pretty sure you have to switch your keyboard settings in your os. None of the f keys work the way is setup by default so you can utilitize the keys for zoom, brightness, volume etc

I found what was causing the issue. When you go into Keyboard shortcuts in the systems setting area of the Mac, uncheck “Show Desktop” (F11), and “Show Dashboard” (F12). Now when I press F12 the rack does show up.

See attached file.


F11 Issue.png