F3 Behaviour on a Mac

Recently moved to a Mac after many years on Windows and also moved to a single monitor setup from a 2 monitor setup.
This might be super obvious but it’s tripping me up…
Hitting F3 on the Mac doesn’t switch to the Mixconsole persay….I’m presented with both the mixconsole and project page slightly minimized and I need to click on the mixconsole to enlarge it.
Just curious if there is some way to make this a simple “Press F3 and Done” move.
The extra step is doable but irritating lol


The F3 is probably assign to some system feature. Try to press Fn+F3 instead, please.

if you go to your MacOS system prefs-keyboard-keyboard shortcuts-function keys you can set F1 F2 etc to standard function keys and it will work like windows.


That was the trick….Thank you for taking the time to help!!!

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