F6 isn't exactly the same as D-7, but Dorico won't let me add D-7 chord symbol

Hi, I’m trying to notate some harmony exercises and I can’t get Dorico to cooperate. I’d like to have a TONIC (I6) followed by another TONIC (VI-7) but Dorico isn’t having it. After entering F6, when I enter D-7 absolutely nothing happens. There are no chord symbols or signposts, the popover just disappears. I assume this is because Dorico is treating I6 and VI-7 as the same chord symbol, but technically they are different. How can I achieve the result I am looking for?

Regardless of how you set minor chords to appear (in Engraving Options > Chord Symbols), the syntax for input is always a lowercase “m”. You need to type Dm7, not D-7.

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What a relief! Thank you!