Fab Filter Bug


I’ve run into a bug that I’m sure if this is Nuendo or Fab Filter. I have an Atmos session with linked Objects, I’m adding any of the Fab Filter Plugins to all of the linked channels, such as the Pro Q3 EQ. When I add this to the Insert, and lower the Gain to -INF, I can still hear audio. It should be muted. To add, once I add this plugin as an Insert, the level jumps about 3dB. It is almost as if the EQ is running in parallel and not in the proper program path. To fix this, I have to insert a native Nuendo plugin such as the Curve EQ, then insert the Fab Pro Q3 after it, and then the Pro Q3 will work properly.

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i have the same exact issue, and the plugins only do stereo and cannot be set as 7.1.2, when i lower everything, there is still signal coming from other channels, it works only on the front channel

BTW, Curve EQ is a Voxengo plugin, no native Nuendo one.

Just installed latest Q3 update and this is still a thing :roll_eyes: - roughly a 5dB jump in volume when I stick it on a mono track.

How hard can it really be to get a fix?

Is this problem still present in N12? I’ll check because I use Pro Q3 extensively in sidechain (and in 7.1.4) and I haven’t noticed this.