Fab Filter Pro C Sidechain not showing in sends

Hi Folks,

Wondered if you could help, cos this is REALLY doing my head in!

Basically I am wanting to use Fab Filter Pro C’s sidechain effect on several of my tracks.

Here’s what I have done. I have an instrument track using Halion 5, with a reverse crash sample which I want to “pump”. So, I add Fab Filter Pro C to an empty insert slot, open up Pro C, click ‘expert’, then ‘ext’ and finally press the 'activate sidechain button.

Ok, all good. Now I go to an audio track of kick drums which i want to use as the sidechain. I click on ‘sends’ and instead of seeing a route for the Pro C sidechain all I see is Stereo Out (l&r). No option there to activate the send.

Am I doing something wrong? I am at my wits end here!

I had a similar problem with izotope alloy, it turned out (with help from the wonderful people on this forum) the vst2 version of the plugin was being loaded by default. I git rid of the vst2 plugins and the sidechain issue was resolved.

Aaahhh! That could be it. But would the “Activate Sidechain” button still be there on the VST2 version? I’m pretty sure I have VST2 & 3 on my system so I will dump it and see what happens. Am very hopeful this will work and thank you for your response!

When you select from the plug in menu look for the 3 stripes that signify vst3…but I think you may be right and the sidechain activation isn’t available in vst2.

When you click the activation button is it staying lit (orange)?

Also try testing in a new empty project to rule out a routing problem (Cubase coud be stopping you from creating a feedback loop perhaps?)

And did you try with a stock plug to check if it’s the same?

Or maybe this??


Well, I am glad to say it is fixed. I dumped the VST2 versions of Pro C and ta-da it works! The weird thing is that i was always using the VST3 version. I know this because it had tje “Activate Sidechain” button. I don’t know if there was some internal conflict or whatever but hey, it’s fixed now! Thanks to all who responded, especially Peppapig.