Fab Filter Pro-Q causing issues with Cubase 6 project


I am having a big problem with one of my Cubase projects…

It was working fine earlier today, but when I was editing a wav sample in the Cubase sample editor, the vst bridge crashed and forced me to restart.

After that, there was no sound. Nothing is showing in the meters apart from 3 tracks with no effects on them. So I noticed these were 3 tracks where I had not used Fab Filter Pro-Q on them. When I turned off the plugin on the master track, the sound returned, but only for these 3 tracks that never had the plugin in running in the first place.

So I am assuming after all this had happened, the plugin must have screwed up somehow and caused a glitch in the whole project. When I reloaded the plugin into the master track it was fine. So there we go! I have a solution,

The only issue is, I have around 50 tracks running this plugin, all with different parameters. So I could save each one as a separate preset, reload them and then load back the preset. But this would take a really long time.

So before I do that, does anyone know if there is a quicker way just to reset the plugin somehow?

Try to use one of the auto backups of your project - if you have them, ofcourse. They’re written in the project folder, with the extension .bak. Change the one before the crash to .cpr and you should be back with all 50 running again.