Fabfilter auv3 sidechain support

Any chance we will see it Cubasis 3? It would be the first DAW supporting it.
Topic for reference: https://www.fabfilter.com/forum/5850/sidechain-aum#comment0

+1 This would be great to see. My regular workflow in PC usually includes the native compressor, would be cool if that got sidechain support as well.

Considering Steinberg demo’ed Cubasis running Pro q 3 it would be good to use the apps full functionality with sidechain support.

Any news on this topic?

couldn’t express it better…

For anyone interested, sidechaining is a built-in feature in BeatMaker 3 and it’s excellent.

But as far as I know it is only in build-in compression plugin, the same in Nanostudio 2. There is no generic way to send track output to Auv3 additional input (Fabfilter implements those additional inputs).

+1 This would be great