FabFilter plugins audio glitch

It seems that when inserting a FabFilter plugin in a Wavelab montage (I only own Pro-Q2, Pro-L, Pro-DS, and Pro-MB but it seems to happen with all) when the transport is playing, the audio becomes very glitchy (like a constant sizzle/distortion). The problem is solved by stopping the transport and restarting but I’m wondering if the issue is on the Wavelab side or FabFilter.

It seems to only occur with montages that have a few other plugins inserted because when building a montage, it takes a while for the problem to occur. To test, maybe try loading up a montage with lots of other plugins and then insert a FabFilter while the transport is playing.

I can’t recreate the bug 100% of the time, but I usually have UAD Bax EQ, Sonnox Inflator (only VST2 is available), and FabFilter Pro-L inserted in the “montage master” slots, and then misc plugins on clips like Pro-Q2 and some Waves.

Something about inserting a FabFilter plugin in a montage while the transport is playing can cause this audio distortion bug. Has anybody else noticed?

OSX 10.9.2
WL 8.5.10
iMac 27" 3.5 GHz i7

The way to recreate this bug is simple, and it’s not related to large montages or other plugins.

Create new montage
Insert some stereo audio clips
Press play
Insert Pro-Q 2 (or Pro-MB and Pro-DS) on the clip being played
While playing still, load a preset that you have saved

The audio will become very broken up and glitchy.

Does anybody else experience this?

This plugin may have some very long internal delay, which causes some unusual interruption. In that case, stop/restart playback helps.

Fabfilter released an update for Pro-Q2 which sorted out an issue with Wavelab yesterday.

Yes, but not the issue I’m referring to. I have reported it to FabFilter too.