Fabfilter plugins have resizing problems in WaveLab 12 on 4K

When using Fabfilter plugins (as clip plugins) in WaveLab 12 Pro on a 4K display, the windows size keeps growing, and the scaling selected within the plugin is not kept.

Is this a Fabfffilter problem or a WaveLab bug?

Windows, Mac? No such problem with my Pro-Q 3 here.
You can select a preset size at the bottom right of the plugin. Did you do that?


Yes, I did do that. It always keeps enlarging, even larger than the screen space.

My windows scaling is set to 149% (since one of my programs scales to 200% if I use 150%). Does the windows scale factor matter?

I would never use 149%. This is a door for problems because this is not standard at all. Probably some applications will make wrong computations because of rounding errors.

Thanks for the info. But does it affect my problem described above?

Probably yes.

This seems indeed to be the cause. On the other hand, Windows officially supports custom scaling factors, most programs work just fine, and therefore, it would be nice if WaveLab could handle them as well. :blush:

Furthermore, most other plugins have no issues. So, it should be fixable.

Do you get the problem when using ‘standard’ scaling (125/150) too? If yes, then it is indeed a plugin problem. Leapwing had the same but fixed it, Softube are working on it, and some TDR plugins also exhibit this. It seems like the WL+Windows+scaling combo confuses some plugins, even if they work fine in Cubase. It’s very odd.


150% indeed works better. Still, this is a WL issue that should be fixed.