FabFilter Pro Q2 not working on audio channel only group

I am running Cubase Pro 9 on windows 10. Have been using Fab Fliter Pro Q2 for some time now. I received mutitrack files for a live concert that I need to mix. I dont know how the tracks were recorded but they show up as WAVE 24 bit 48K and play in Cubase. I start a new project and Pro Q2 not working on audio channels. The graphic display functions as normal and looks normal except there is no spectrum analyzer,but eq does not change. If I route the audio channel to a group and insert Pro Q2 in the group it works as normal. If I export the track and bring it back into the project then Pro Q Works on it. If I Bounce the track, Pro Q still does not work. The Cubase plugins all work ok on this track so I think this is more a Fab Filter problem, but I would love to know what is going on here!!!

I have posted this on the Fab Filter forum as well. Below is a WeTransfer link of a small (30meg) test Cubase 9 project that shows the problem I sent to Fab Filter.


The wave files are fine.
Did you make a mono track for these files?

They are mono files

and they are on mono tracks - yes