Fabfilter Pro Q3 in Cubase

Hi everyone,hope you all safe and well

This is kind of related to Cubase, But was considering a purchase of Fabfilter Pro Q3 ,as a standalone EQ.
I have read and listened to rave reviews about it.

And thought it would be a great addition to have close to hand. I tend to use Izotope Neutron 3 mostly

Before I whip out my credit card,would like to ask you nice people a couple of questions,if thats ok :slight_smile:

  1. How does it perform with Cubase?
  2. Do you use it as you go to EQ in your music,rather than the stock Cubase ones?

Thanks a lot ,appreciate your help :slight_smile:


I have Neutron 3 and Pro Q3.
I never use Neutron 3, I pretty much put Pro Q3 on every channel as required.
I find Neutron colours the sound too much



My answers

  1. Fine for me
  2. Yes, I don’t use the stock plugins


Frequency and Q3 are pretty comparable. I’ve got it because it came bundled with the Limiter and compressor which are fantastic.

Don’t expect to get a better tone out of it or anything like that. Frequency and Q3 can almost null. You’re paying for that really slick GUI - the EQ match and the dynamic EQ option.

  1. As expected
  2. Yes I do

Thanks everyone for your replies so far,much appreciated

  1. Works as expected.
  2. No the ProQ3 is not “Go To.” ProQ2/3 IMO is an excellent all-around transparent sounding EQ. While I have never compared ProQ2 with the stock Cubase mix console EQ, I would guess processing to be less with the stock EQ. Keep in mind ProQ3 has many more features such as dynamic EQ and EQ match. Most of my pop projects are anywhere from 60 to 150 tracks, and frankly often these tracks do not call for an elaborate EQ such as ProQ2/3. The majority of EQ’s on my tracks are relatively small changes. For example a shaker that is mixed so low that an average listener wouldn’t even know it’s there unless you consciously listened for it. So the shaker is bumped .4dB@8k. Do I need a ProQ3 for that task?

However for a piano or any other major element, I’m going to use a ProQ3 or something comparable depending on the desired EQ characteristics which may or may not be transparent.

There’s a demo of Pro Q3 available isn’t there? Why not give it a try?

Hi planarchist

I have seen the demo,prob give that a go,see what happens

Shall be interested to hear what you think…it’s one I’ve been thinking of demoing for a while as have heard great things about it.
To date I’ve not felt the need as i really like Cubases’s Frequency EQ and though i understand this has much more i guess I’ve not been convinced enough to spend the time trying it out. Not yet seen anyone compare them side by side…

I use the Pro Q3 mostly for Mastering because it is a excellent correction-EQ with all it’s possibilities.
For EQ-colouring on tracks I use other plugins or my hardware Pultec style’s.

From what I have heard and seen looks really cool,although I am a hobbyist and not really had much serious experience with EQ’s and such
let alone Cubase,ha,ha :laughing:
Alothough each day Im learning more and more and of course Greg Ondo and the Club Cubase hangouts are very helpful too :slight_smile:

The only problem that I have with Q3 is that you cant move the frequency above 20k. When running the plugin with 192Khz resolution you should be able to do eq up to 96khz. But no spectrum analyser or eq:in above 20k.

…any particular reason you need the EQ above 20K? Mixing for bats?

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Not really, but I can imagine that plugins can be used for technical usage other than music. I want it to be able to handle aliasing problems on non linear plugs.

There aren’t really any reason to be able to handle aliasing problems above the hearing range of the human ears.

You need to do the filtering before it become a aliasing problem.

Pro-3 is the best EQ I’ve ever used and it runs flawlessly in Cubase 10.5…at least for me.

Absolutely, but your converters takes care of that.