Fabfilter update for CC121!

The CC121 doesn’t work properly with all Fabfilter plugins on macOS. I contacted Fabfilter support and tested all plugins for them. They contacted Steinberg support and found the bug. It was fixed and will be released with the next Fabfilter update in the winter!

Now I have an idea. Why shouldn’t every plugin work with CC121? I can’t contact everyone. I sent another request to Melda. But now I need YOUR help! Please do the same and contact your favorite developer if the CC121 isn’t supported. Tell them to contact Steinberg if they need help. Thank you!

These developers don’t support CC121 yet:
• Arturia
• DJ Swivel
• Eventide
• iZotope + Exponential Audio
• Polyverse
• Kilohearts
• Klevgränd
• Korg
• Melda [contacted]
• Output
• Slate Digital
• Softube
• u-He
• Valhalla

Native Instruments and Wavesfactory seem to work in part or are buggy.

All other plugins seem to work. I tested a lot.

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Great work! In my experience, in general VST2 plugins seem to work with the AI Knob, but in general VST3 plugs don’t work. With Fabfilter I tend to use the VST2 versions because then I can use the AI Knob…! But great to hear that they have found a way to make it work with all their plugins - especially if this means that their VST3 versions will work too! :tada::blush: That means that it IS possible, and that we should indeed contact the other developers.

Yes, the CC121 support in VST2 is better. Only four developers use VST3 and the CC121 works:
◦ Steinberg
◦ Waves
◦ Antares
◦ Fabfilter (soon)

Only two developers use VST2 and have no CC121 support:
◦ Illformed
◦ Korg

Maybe the VST3 documentation is not clear enough?

The Fabfilter update has just been released! CC121 now works in all their plugins!


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Sweet! Thanks for the heads up.