FabFilter VST3 Presets Issue?

Hey, maybe I am missing something or I am completely stupid but am I the only one where in Nuendo the vstpreset files wont show up?

I always have to click on “load preset” then I can select the vst preset. That slows down my workflow so much, maybe somebody here has a fix?

Running Nuendo 12, Fabfilter VST3 Total Bundle on a Macbook Pro M3 Max

Are you trying to get Pro-Q3 presets that you’ve made and stored within Nuendo’s preset system?

If you’re looking for the FabFilter presets, those are found on the plugin’s UI. Those presets are not automatically ‘ported’ to Nuendo’s plugin system - unless you load them (within Pro-Q3’s UI) and resave them individually as Nuendo presets.

EDIT: some of the Plugin Alliance products are automatically ported into Nuendo’s system, but that’s not the norm.


The presets within Fabfilter work fine, I just cant quick access my own saved presets within Nuendo throught the quick browser. They simply wont show up, only the empty slots as the picture shows above. If I go to “load preset” It will work tho.

Strange since it only happens with all FabFilter plugins.

Overall I found a workaround, I simply made a keycommand to open up the preset browser for the plugin. Would love to know why this is happening tho.

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just to let you know I have exactly the same issue, I thought I was a one off, so nice to know I’m not alone! It’s a bit of a nuisance…