Face difficulty in inputing note

I tried to use Dorico 4.3.11 to remake the score in picture,but I faced some issues.
This is the original score:新建位图图像

This is the default layout of my file:

I tried to keep consistent with the original score by moving the notes and so on,but I found that it became like this:

Please tell me how to adjust my file to make it look like the original score,I will be great thankful.

Here is my try;
Untitled Project 2.dorico (542.5 KB)

I had to scale the 6 and 3 to 1% to hide them. It would be better if there was a “hide” function for the numbers. Perhaps there is, and I have not yet found it.

If you are talking about hiding some of the tuplet numbers (and brackets), that can be done in the Properties panel.

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Could you please upload a video about how to do that?

Sorry, I don’t have screen capture software for video.
It was several settings, putting the various notes into the same voice column, then selecting the tuplet brace and picking “3” in the properties pane to show only a number and then “scale = 1%” to hide it. Perhaps there is some clever user with screen capture tools that can replicate this procedure. Possibly parts of the above are documented in the online documentation.
If no one picks up, I can do a text-based step list on how it was done, but a video is perhaps nicer.

Please show me how, I’m interested to learn this. I could not find any “hide” at first glance.




Not that it is recommended (for clarity), but can the “brace” also be hidden?


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Thank you.

Please tell me what should I do by text,thanks.

Have a read through this:

Select your tuplet, make sure the Lower Zone is visible, and you should be able to see the Properties that you can adjust.

Does this help?