Facility running MAC and PC

Hello everyone,
we are a small (3 room) audio post facility and recently upgraded one room with a NUAGE Controller including Dante and the NIOs for all 3 rooms.
In this one room we have currently a Mac Pro 2013 running and am not quite happy with it. Slow performance (using N7) and a couple of instant quits a day, not really traceable for us.
Our customer service (from where we bought all of it) told us they are having similar issues with other Mac using customers. They are suggesting a PC as a replacement. I am not strictly against a PC build if this fixes our problems with performance and overall stability.

The question I am having is:
Is anyone in a position to have both systems (Mac and PC) running in one Facility with shared Projekts?
My concerns are:

  • sharing projects over network (stored on a Server)
  • shortcuts differences due to different keyboard design
  • internet on production workstation (anti-virus software?)
  • what else you guys think of I am forgetting

any help is deeply appreciated.
Thanks a lot,