Facing strong performance problems with old N5 Projects

Hey Everybody,

right after realease i downloaded the New N6 Update and installed it.
I also own “Yes iam Crazy” Cubase 7 since several weeks. :slight_smile:

PRoblem now is: The old N5.5 Projects facing strong VST Performance Problems within every Project i tested in N6.

The Projects need about 30-40 % More VST Performance under N6 then N5.
The Crazy thing is, that 80% of the projects working without problems in Cubase 7…

I changed nothing on the configuration and tried to swich asio guard on/off…
I use a Win7 64 PC on AMD 8 Core with 24GB RAM, Motu Asio newest Driver.

Will have anybody an idea why this happend?

Thanks, Christian

How are you measuring this, and do you know that the method of measurement is the same for both versions?

I can hear it!

in one Project for example works in N5.5 without problems also in Cubase 7 the projekt wont start playing (no sounds from the VSTs ) and the VST Meter shows me peaks and i hear dropouts.

This is happens not in N 5.5 and Cubase 7.

so… my ear is the master here and the VST Meter,

Will have anybody an idea why the same project on 2 Versions is showing such a difference… in VST PErformance?

One NEws from the Project Front :slight_smile:

I opend one of the regarding projects in Cubase 7. Saved the Project as a .cpr file and opend the the cpr File in Nuendo 6.
Now the project works. There is still a higher VST Performance Loade but there are NO complete loosing VST Sounds.

I found now one solution for my problems.

In the window plugin Information almost all VST Plugin where checked for ASIO GUARD.
I switche on - off asio guard but this was not the solution. only when i decheked ALL Plugins from ASIO Guard
my problems with the VST Performance problems for my old Nuendo 5 projects gone now.

And. i found out when i switched on ASIO Guard before with all checked plugins 1-2 secs from the beginning of each track where not working…

So ASIO Guard will not increase my VST and ASIO Performance - It will decrease my ASIO and VST Performance DRAMATICALLY!

BUT Why…


IS there an ADMIN here…??

Best, Christian