Fade In/Out at Boundaries


“Fade In/Out at Boundaries
If this option is activated, a fade is performed at the audio range boundaries when a new file is created, or a crossfade with the adjacent audio is created if the audio range is processed in place.
Crossfades allow for smooth transitions between the processed and the non-processed parts. The crossfade time and shape are set in the Audio Files Preferences. If the fade time is longer than half the length of the processed file, the fade is not performed.”

Do you know where I can find time and shape settings in Audio Files Preferences ? I can’t find it !

Thank you,


File -> Preferences > Global > Audio

Thanks, I did find this setting and tried several exports with different crossfade time and shape but I was not convinced 100%…
Anyway, thanks again !

Use sine waves if you want to see real effects.