Fade in/out curve in audio event

In cubase, to edit a curve of fade in/out is very difficult.
Is there any other easy way like just drag or scroll on project window?
Logic has it… plz give us easy way.

Yes, there is. (Marked green)
If you double-click in the orange area you’ll get a little dialog letting you setup the curve of the fade.

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Regarding the orange area, I always wondered why sometimes the fade editor would open, and sometimes it wouldn’t. I always thought you were supposed to double click on the actual fade line haha.

Good to know, thanks!

I know this way. I want to the easy way to edit the surface of curve.
I don’t want any dialogs or windows.
At the logic or studio one, just dragging in the project window can edit the surface of curve.
Thank you for your reply!


Yeah unfortunately you have to use the fade editor.

Agree it needs to be like how it is in Studio One

Improvements are always welcome, anyway here’s how I do it most of the time

-select the audio event
-hoover with the mouse arrow on the ppq/position on the info line
-use the mouse wheel to modify, according to “precise values” eg: 1 bar, 1 quarter note, 1/16th or ticks

You can do a 3 bars fade in/out with 3 mouse wheel rollings :smile:

[then double click on “the orange” and work the envelope…]

I didn’t know about the dbl clk bit… thanks!

You can use the Pencil Tool to draw amplitude directly onto Audio Events. But I find that clunkier than the Fade Dialog.