Fade in/out keyboard shortcuts!

I’ve recently been to a studio and they had Nuendo 5. The engineer had a selected keyboard shortcut to add a fade in / out to a selected audio track. He could make a default fade In/out and apply that with just a key.
I have Cubase 8.5 but, besides the auto fades. is there any way to assign a key shortcut to this commands?
The auto fade doesn’t show the actual handle so I’d like to explore other options.


If you would cut the event, then you could use Audio > Process > Fade In. You can assign any Key Command to this.

Then there are other commands in the Audio folder of the KeyCommands:

  • Adjust Fades to Range
  • Fade In to Cursor
  • Increment Fade-In Length
  • Decrement Fade-In Length

Does any of these fits your workflow?

Thanks for the reply, Martin! Actually, I was looking for a way to apply a fade in/out with a key command that would leave a visible handle mark so it could be adjusted later, if needed.
Thanks anyways!

Yes - it’s a shame there no simple key shortcut for one of the most important edits in cubase!!!

Maybe Steinberg thinks this is just a special post production / VO edit, and thats why it’s only available in Nuendo - I don’t know…

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