Fade In / Out Resolved!

I’m trying to create a fade in before the audio starts just to hide any low noise that might me present, but I can not see a line indicating where the fade in is. I’m following the instructions in the manual : highlight the section before the audio starts (shift=home) and then press Ctrl-D.
In earlier versions of Wavelab (W6 in my case) a clear line was drawn to make it easy to see the fade.

Am I missing something?

I suppose that if I really want to see the fade I could do it in W6 if W11 does not provide this.

In the Audio Montage or the Audio Editor?

Audio Editor.

As far as I know, there is no line in the Audio Editor that shows the fade in, because the Audio Editor is a destructive environment. You can apply a fade in, but it happens as a process, not an editable line.

In the Audio Montage, you get a Clip Envelope Volume line that you can fine tune as needed. The Audio Montage is a non-destructive environment and in my opinion, a better place to do just about any audio work in WaveLab, even if you’re just working on one song.

See attached.

Well, you can open the Envelope view when working in the Audio Editor to draw a line and apply it but I find this to be a pretty clumsy way to work and again, destructive rather than non-destructive like in the Audio Montage which in my opinion is not ideal.


Simply make an selection and use Fade In or Out.

regards S-EH

@PG and S-EH

I am doing this and it works where the fade includes some audio - I can see the wave forms changing where the fade is. But when there is some noise before the audio I can not see exactly where the fade is. I think I’ll just do it in W6 - at least it draws a line so that I can see exactly where the fade is even though the noise might not be easy to hear.

If you hold shift and scroll up (at least on Mac), it enlarges the waveform so you can see low level audio.

I do fades in the editor window everyday and have no problems doing so. There is always the CTRL +Z key if I don’t like the fade and want to do it over…FWIW

Thanks all.
I’m getting into W11.1 now - what a great program! - No need for me to go back to W6 anymore :slight_smile:

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