fade in

hi,i am following a tutorial in cm mag 213 page 40.the tutor is using ableton,and in it he creates a short fade at the start of a kick.He does it using a curve fade.
i have spent an hour trying to do this,i know i can do it from audio,process.but that dosent let me zoom in really close.
how can i draw in a curve on the waveform manually?

Depending on how you want to do this? You should be able to do this with the ‘line’ tool from the toolbox? In the audio waveform or as a volume (cc7) on the track?

thanks for reply.
i want to draw it as a curve not straight line

The Line Tool draws several different kinds of lines, not just straight lines.

Hi all

Shouldn’t he just do it in the project page? Select all the kicks then drag the top left corner of the waveform where you can also adjust the curve. Or does it HAVE to be drawn?

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if i select the line tool i am unable to do anything on the kick waveform on project page
if i drag left corner it is a straight line

Double click on the left lower corner and start reading the manual, to at least learn the most basic stuff… :unamused:

Fade Dialog for Event-Based Fades
● To open the dialog for event-based fades, create a fade for one or more audio events,
select the events and select Audio > Open Fade Editor(s).
Page 309 in the Cubase user Manual

please select audio events with fade times > 0!
this is what i get when i select the kick and select open fade editor

and i did check manual on this as i said,spent an hour at it and checking for videos before i posted on here about it

Did draw a fade in first?

ok so i used the fade handle before clicking on open fade editor.
i want to draw a curve at the very start of the kick.using the fade editor will not allow me to be so precise as cant zoom in

You should zoom in first.

on project page u mean? i have done that,but i am unable to draw my own curve.just able to use line tool for straight line

If you have a line fade in all you need to do is open the fade editor from the audio menu. Then choose the kind of fade you want or create your own. It will change the line you have already drawn. Be sure you have the track or event selected.

ok folks,i have been away for a bit.
i have tried all that u have suggested,most of it i already knew,by the way.
in the fade editor creating ur own type of fade isnt surgical enough.
the best outcome i can get is,on the project page,zooming way n on the kick,grabbing top left handle and moving it way to the right.this creates a 2 pronged fade,
bottom line is,i cant create the kind of fade that i want that i mentioned in original post.i.e draw one in myself