Fade issue with AAF

Anyone else have this problem while bringing an AAF in?
I feel like I’m selecting something wrong, or that… It’s just the byproduct of bringing an AAF in, but it takes all the fades and just adds edit points to where they end.


It depends on The originating software

Is it an AAF from Protools? That renders the fade and adds an edit point at the end of the fade in (or at the beginning of the fade out).
AAF’s from Avid/Premiere/Da Vinci Resolve have the correct fade settings. Like ErikG is saying, it is not a setting in Nuendo, but due to the exporting software.

Best, Alan

I’ll have to check again. It must have been through PT.
I’ll run a test from MC as well.

That’s a shame about PT. Is there a work around or custom macro work around?

None that I’m aware of…
When dealing with AAF’s from Protools, I always ask for an AAF with enough handles. I leave the rendered fades as they are and when I want to tweak a fade I delete the edit point and trim the event to that point and redo the fade. That being I hardly get AAF’s out of Protools, but always from video applications like Premiere/Avid etc.

Maybe someone else knows a better solution.

Best, Alan

What’s an “edit point”?

If you don’t mind spending a little money AATranslater works well .

I admire your sarcasm. lol

Does that solve the fade issue? I have Vordio which has a built in reconform. Working with the dev on it to improve AAF issues. This being the next thing we are trying to solve. Been able to help him fix a lot already.

Sorry, I actually wasn’t joking. What do you mean by “edit point”.

No, that is a leftover from the “old” way ProTools handled fades.
The only thing Nuendo can offer you is a PLE preset that removes all the small chunks of audio from you project.
Not what you want to hear, but that is how it is.


Oh, I see, it’s about PT rendering fades into files… got it.


Just a splice point. A Break, a Razor mark, a split. Some say to-matoes, others say tomat-oes. Lol

If you open the PT session in AATranslater and convert the session to Nuendo then it does resolve your fade issue, but if you open the AAF the one made from PT) then the damage is already done.
If you have the PT file session you can sent it to me and I can try and convert it for you

does aatranslator allow you to recover metadatas of the audio files, from protools?

I have aatranslator and this rarely works the way I would like it too, I may be doing something wrong. Do you usually cover the PT session to an older version to make this work better?

Also @fredo, thanks for that PLE suggestion, dam I forgot about that, that is still useful and will try that if ever I encounter lots of small chunks of audio clips again. Got to love the power of PLE

Working well for me using PT 2020.3. One thing I do find one must do is split the stereo tracks to 2 mono tracks and then do a save a copy in( includiong audio) to a new folder. its that session then that I use for AATranslator. also have been in a habbit of making sure both the PT and Nuendo session to have the same start time and no session offset.

It’s Pro Tools. What do you expect from it? It’s an overpriced demo maintaining it’s “popularity” only through lobby and old audio engineers not being able to adapt to new stuff. Change my mind.

If there was a like button, I would have broken it with that reply. LOL