Fade Outs in Montage occur after the Master Rig?

I am currently working with an audio montage which contains 13 songs/clips. Each song has it’s own fade out and uses custom settings using a different Master Rig set up (EQ, Imager) and Waves L3-16 Limiter for each song.

All is saved in the Montage including the spaces between each song. Using CD Wizard I can easily write a CD from this montage.

However, I have noticed that the fade outs are occurring before the Master Rig and Limiter rather than after as has been my way of working in the past with other software.

My question is - Is it possible to make the fade outs of each clip in an Audio Montage occur after the Master Rig and Limiter of each song/clip?

If you only have the plugins inserted on the clips themselves, you could activate the setting in the Envelope Ribbon Tab named “Level/Fade Envelopes After Effects” but of course this doesn’t have any affect on montage track or master section plugins. (See Attachment)

Remember that you normally want to dither as the very last step so I personally suggest having the dither module in the montage master section so it comes after any fades or level changes.
Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 4.59.41 PM.png

Thank you very much, Justin - just what I was looking for.

I have already been using the dither in the mastering section in Wavelab (after disabling the dither in the L3-16)

I had been using the volume envelope to automate the level of the signal feeding into the effects for each song so I will need to find a work around to continue to have the ability to control that. I suppose I can automate it into the master fader of each songs mix if I have to.

Thx again for your response, Justin!

There are times when I though that an overall level (aka volume) parameter for a montage track would be useful. Sees most other DAWs have fader level for the entire track that you can automate.

WaveLab does have a fader for each montage track but it doesn’t seem that you can automate the level of it on the timeline.

Yes, I definitely miss the ability to automate my plug ins for each song in an album project. I am quite surprised that the feature does not yet appear in Wavelab 9. Ain addition, I feel that one should have the ability to type in specific numbers to the volume automation instead of having to drag them around.

Yes, I definitely have a few more demanding clients where it would be nice to automate the threshold/gain of a limiter throughout a song. The automation additions in WL9 are nice for some things but some basic tasks such as limiter threshold automation would be good, especially because normally for me, the same limiter is applied across all track via the montage master section rather than on each clip. On the clips I normally do just EQ/filters and compression.

Are you loading the Master Rig and L3 as clip FX for each clip, or into the master section?

Hi Toader -
As clip FX for each clip

Ahh - I didn’t see Justin had already answered your question…

("Level/Fade Envelopes After Effects)