Fade post plugins

Wanted to take the opportunity to write about one thing that would make Wavelab a whole lot more useful for me.

I work primarily with plugins, I use outboards sometimes but not very frequently. What I normally do is to import the audio files I recieve into Cubase, do the bulk of the mastering processing there, then render files that I then put in a Montage in Wavelab. Add fades, adjust track spacing, add in markers, done.

Now, what I would prefer to do is to skip the Cubase step and work with the plugins directly in the audio montage in Wavelab. This is of course nothing weird BUT I do not like the fact that the fades I add in the montage go BEFORE any plugins, because it messes with the dynamic processing and sounds less natural to me than adding a fade to an already rendered file. Transient instruments start jumping out of the mix and the balance is altered.

I’ve tried putting the plugins in all possible slots - on clip level, on track level, master level, but the result is the same. If it was working the way I wanted, I could do my whole project in the montage window, and if there’s a recall for any changes, it would be very fastly fixed and I could simply render straight from the montage.

Am I alone in this or does this bother anyone else? Do I have a weird workflow or what is it?


EDIT: Well well, strangely enough I did just find that I CAN make it work the way I want if the plugin is in the Clip level (Envelope option “Level/fade envelope after effects”). This does make it a bit more useful for me, but I would still love to be able to have the same option for Track plugins (even if it may seem to not make much sense logically).

You found the right option. But this definitely can’t work with track plugins.

Would this be something that could be somehow implemented in the future? Like to have a sort of “track envelope” that could be used in the same way as for the clips?

Unlikely, sorry. But with clip plugins you can already much. And only compressor like plugins are concerned by your remark.

Only compressor plugs, indeed. But since I use them last in chain, I can’t put anything at any other stage anyway, unfortunately.

Hmm… So another alternative solution: being able to link clip plugins so the settings you make in one are copied to all the linked ones. How about that? :slight_smile:

Depending on the compressor, maybe you can use the side-chain fed from post processing (not yet clear on 8.5 signal flow) to modulate the fade compression? Another trick I use is to insert an edit a few samples ahead of the fade out, then with the compressor instance on the clip, I can change the threshold at that beat for the entire fade, so it doesn’t engage or pump, but is otherwise consistent with the body.