Fader jumps when clicking fader area

in mix console if i click on empty fader area strip the fader jumps to that position, its very disturbing.
can i some how disable this in preferences ?

Menue “File” // Preferences // Editing // Controls // set Slider Mode to “Touch”

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Nice I never knew that. Is that new?

No, not a new feature.

Must have been introduced in v6 - did not behave this way in v5 and back.

Has been there since at least SX 3 already…



Nope. :sunglasses:

Ok, wait a sec - the thread topic title has changed. It used to have the word “empty” in it.

That changes things. When clicking int he fader area - yes, it’s been this way since day 1. When clicking in an empty fader area - no.

Or wait - maybe the title has not changed, and I am just seeing things… :laughing:

Ina nay event, the op says " if i click on empty fader area strip "

To me, empty fader area is outside the fader area, meaning that if you click there in older versions (5 and back) the fader doesn’t move. Nor should it. You would have to click in the fader area to get it to move with the pref set to slider mode > jump.

Uh, yeah.

I have Cubase 5.5 and it’s in there.

The question was about the preference mentioned above…
And maybe apart from your version(s) it is there since at least SX 3

Thanks :wink: