Fader not working for my audio recording;


I have a UR12 connected to my mac with Elements 9.5
If , in inspector, i set output routing to Left-stereo Out, the sounds is recorded on the left
and of course, the same goes to the right audio field.
Now, i want to hear my vocals centered , but tweaking the fader does nothing to pan the vocal from left to right.

i just changed the output to … Stereo In and Stereo Out but i can’t still get the vocals to pan around…

This works with my iPad running my mic into IRig Keys I/O . My vocals show up right in the centre of the stereo field.
What settings am I missing ?


my workaround till i get this answered, is to create 2 tracks and route one to left and one to right… ending up right in the centre… and if i set up a delay on one of the tracks, i get a nice stereo separation… hmmmm… maybe thats something i can use more often !!! now i can sleep tonite till i hear back from someone…

Setting the output does not determine, where the sound is recorded to.

Record to mono tracks. Or if you think for whatever reason you need to record to stereo tracks, record from a mono input bus.

geee… did I ever complicate that one didn’t i …
thanks so much… i only have a few more videos to follow and then its RTFM from page one…