Fader - Numeric values missing

Hi Folks,

For some reason, the current project I’m working on does not display any numeric values on the faders. The lines are there, just missing the numbers.

I tried creating a new project and opening old projects and they all have fader numbers, just not the current project.

I’ve searched through the help document for both faders and meters in the vain attempt of finding some option to return the numbers, but no luck.

Can anybody help?


do you have many tracks shown or did you use the zoom function? I think they disappear when the faders become to small…

I have all my tracks full size, but not all are visible.
No Zoom applied.
Both the Track Fader and all the tracks in the mixer do not show numbers.
Very odd.

Here’s an image to show the problem.

From how I see it I think you have to widen the channels a little bit more. For me it looks the same at this size. If I select a channel looking like this and then press the H key the channels will become wider giving room for the values to show. See also my pictures… So press H untill the values show. If they will not show then there is something buggy going on. Basically pressing H repeatetly will widen and show more. Pressing G repeatetly will make channels smaller and show less

No Values
With Values

Hi Blademan,

I think you’ve hit the ‘nail right on the head’ and brought forward a ‘feature’ in the IDE. :slight_smile:

You are quite correct in saying that the zoom alters the placement of the fader numeric values.
I increased the zoom (via the H key) and lo and behold the numbers appeared. Well done.

The bug/feature is that it also effects the track fader whose width doesn’t vary.

I spent an hour copying the parts of my project into a new project and magically the fader numbers disappeared when the zoom was decreased for the mixer, also taking out the track fader numbers.

At least I have an answer, so thanks for your assistance.