Fader problem

The volume fader on track 1 on the mix console shoots down to zero sound all on its own. There is no automation placed on track 1. It’s being doing it on all my projects so its not project specific. I’m using Cubase 11 pro.
Any ideas?

Is it possible that you have an external controller causing it?

Have you recently set anything up like that?

Without more information my guess is your controller may be somehow sending a message, or, there might be a Generic Remote? Sounds odd.

I’m having a similar problem on my first audio fader too. Usually like this when I open the project. No automation or external controller. I’m using Nuendo 11 latest version.

Thank you skijumptoes and Stephen57 for your replies. In my case, and you should look at this Rob-Brown, it does seem that somehow my midi keyboard is doing some communicating with Cubase through the Generic Remote and that’s been affecting the fader on Track 1. Have no idea how that happened but basically I wiped off the settings in Generic Remote and it seems to have done the trick.