Fader that behaves like a mixer fader


Does anybody know how to create a fader with the same behaviour as a mixer fader?

When I try to connect a fader to a level parameter of a layer or a program, but also when connected to volume of a mixer channel, zero is in the middle of the fader range, which just looks odd for a mixer fader.

I tried to create a parameter that mimics the range of level parameter (0,-96,12,0.1). This way the zero db point looks better. But it still doesn’t behave like a mixer fader (having more precision around the zero db point and gradually changing the values in larger steps as it gets to the bottom of its range).

There must be some clever math calculations behind it.
Does anybody know how to do this?

I’ve been struggling with the same thing.

You can change the fader behaviour with logarithmic and exponential functions in a script, but that messes with the displayed value in relation to the parameter value. I’m thinking that the fader template itself will need some scripting to scale the values and control movement.

In electronics there are logarithmic and audio taper potentiometers, which will be the way to go. My math skills are limited though, so making sense of the formulas is a bit of a chore.