FaderPort 16 moves multiple unwanted Cubase channels

Hello, I have a new Faderport 16 that works well with Ableton. With Cubase 11 any physical fader move will move that Cubase mixer channel PLUS another Cubase fader 8 channels away. Ex. Move physical fader 1 and Cubase faders 1 and 9 move. This behaviour is consistent wiht every fader. I’m looking for Faders, Solos and Mutes. If anyone has any ideas, let me know , Presonus has been responsive but not helpful.

could it be that the controller responds to all midi in? you could try to uncheck “in all midi” in the mid port setup which you will find in Studio Setup

Thanks for the suggestion. In the MIDI setup page there is Faderport 1 and Faderport 2. Number 1 is active and mumber 2 is inactive. In All MIDI is unchecked for both ports.

One of my MIDI in ports was set incorrectly, this video helped.